A Magical Wedding

That's What you want, Right?

It’s the only part of the wedding where you are out there alone. No priest, no minister, no rabbi, no bridesmaids- Just you and your love. Don’t leave this special moment to chance, Make it memorable! Too many brides forget about this until the last moment and then panic. Many girls learned to dance young and then wonder why guys feel uncomfortable- It’s simple they don’t want to look foolish. Give him the confidence to take you in his arms, take charge and sweep you off your feet!

25 Years

Making Magic Happen!

Custom Planning

Long before the first lesson we'll meet with you to help you plan that first dance. Whether you want a dreamy Waltz out of a Disney movie, a spicy Tango, a sexy Salsa, or even just the ol' high school sway, we'll guide you in choosing the right music or even planning the finale lift out of Dirty Dancing. And we'll give you an honest assessment of how many visits it will take to make it look fabulous!

The Magic Never Ends Here

Shotgun Wedding

Date In Paradise

Happy Ever After

The wedding is THIS SATURDAY! And Hubby has two left feet… Call Us- We can Help! We do this more often than you’d think, but we have saved many a wedding!

The Wedding is a few months out and you want to do something special. A nice entrance, a relaxed comfortable dance style, and ending dip.

 Typically 10 lessons will get you there safely.

You have planned everything to perfection, Even the moms and dads will be learning to dance. Now let us do our magic!  An opening dip, an ending lift, your song edited professionally for length and even speed adjustment. You’ll do more than sway in the breeze here. Typically 10 -25 visits. And we’ll give you the secret tips no one ever thinks of.


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