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Welcome! Because this website services our acting auditions, Ice Skate coaching, and dance classes as well, the MENU above contains Direct Links To Resumes, Headshots, and all things Dance Class related.

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Enio (626) 487-2572. 
Terryl (626) 319-9744

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God & Salsa Wins Best Pic at L.A. and NY Film Festivals

Wednesdays @ Elegance Events Center in Ft Myers.
Fridays DJing the Social Dance at Dancelife Florida Dance Center

Classes & Lessons

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Fitness Training

Get personal training combining Dance, Pilates and Yoga. This will help your dancing and your physical health. Learn how combining these techniques have many anti aging qualities that also improve your dancing. These postures are gears to make your body more flexible and agile.

Dancers Resources & Tools

Keep coming back to our site for tips on everything dance related: Understand Music rhythms, How to correctly fit dance shoes, Injury Prevention, Maximizing Your Learning,  Upcoming Events, our ridiculously fun Dance Cruise, Helpful Links, and much, much more. New content added regularly

Interactive Zoom Yoga Yoga Yoga With Terryl

Take my weekly live Yoga class with interactive adjustments or watch the recorded version on your own schedule.

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