Helpful Advice…

A few things that will help you along this magical journey called learning to dance. Understanding the WHY , WHAT and HOW  may change your perspective. So here goes…

Why You are Learning? Although there are many reasons beyond the obvious, Health, Fitness, etc, the most elemental is simply the HUMAN need for TOUCH. Add that to a smile and our soul is filled. So one way to insure that you’ll finish what you start is to bring friends to learn with you. You will be less likely to skip knowing your friends will be there. And if you are new to the area, dance classes are the FASTEST, EASIEST way to make new friends. Nobody cares about your, age, looks, weight. It’s all about: can you dance and are you pleasant. 

What You Are Learning? People sometimes sign up for a dance cause others are having fun at it. But if the music isn’t your cup of tea, you may get to like it but most often not. So if you are not into Salsa music don’t start with that. Instead think about the music you most listen to. Ask the instructor what dances suit that genre best and start with that. Eventually you’ll branch out and try others. By the way there are almost 30 different dances that you can chose from. Most folks learn 2 or 3 to start and eventually add another 5 or so as they progress. Oh and it’s not any harder learning 2 or 3 at once. 

How To Learn? You probably won’t believe me or learn this until you’ve been dancing a while or have a great instructor. But there is nothing in DANCE that you haven’t done hundreds or thousands of time before you come in for your first lesson. Examples: turning around in the shower> learning to spin; Moving sideways in an aisle at the theatre> the basic in Swing , Cha Cha,Rumba. Climbing Stairs or pushing a heavy object> Cuban Motion for Salsa. But beginners are all about 

WHERE. Where do my feet go? Your feet never initiate movement. they are nothing more than the wheels under a jet. Wherever the jet goes the wheels are under the jet. When you walk you never take two lefts or three rights in a row- you alternate steps. So it is with dance. Ever push a lawnmower around a tree or ride a bike- that’s the same as leading a girl. So it comes down to the 

When. Each dance is not about where, it’s about WHEN do I step – not where. Each dance is just a rhythm- a repeating pattern of when to step. Memorize that, you’re 50% there. You’ll see. 

Finally that beginner that trips all over themselves and you in the first week will be the partner you hope will ask you 6 months from now. Be kind, be encouraging cause it’s all about a team. A team of two people for 3.5 minutes 

What Should I Wear?

You want to dress cool and comfortable, but keep in mind you are in a social setting. The shoes you wear are most important. Everyone should have soles that are thin and flexible. Ladies need comfortable shoes that stay securely on their feet. Teachers can give advice on dance shoes.

What About Private Lessons?

Privates are booked on an appointment basis with an individual teacher. On that lesson you can work on any of your particular problems. These cost $80-$120 (Depending upon location, length, teacher and payment method.)

Getting Started

How Do I Get Started?

Like Everything in life 80% of success is showing up. Secondly, bring some friends! Knowing friends are going means you are more likely to be consistent and have fun

When Should I Start?

All Level one classes start over at the beginning of every month. So your first class will be the first week of the month. The day of your class you want to arrive at least 15 minutes before the class. This allows you to park, sign in, get your nametag, change your shoes, etc.

Can't Make The First Class

We allow people to start as late as the second week. After that we recommend that you wait the 2 weeks until the start of the next class or take private lessons to catch you up to the rest of the class. Every week the teacher builds upon what was taught the previous weeks. By week three the students have a head start and either you will get frustrated or hold back the rest of the class.

How Much Are Classes?

As we teach in various locations, the prices vary by studio. Unfortunately classes bought at one studio are not interchangeable at other studios. Typically classes might run from $15-$20. also class lengths may vary from 60-75 minutes.

What Is The New Student Special?

Bring this flyer or guest card and your first class with us will be free. If you sign up for private lessons the first night you'll get an additional 10% off

Do I Need A Partner?

No, you do not need a partner. Over the past 20 years we always had very balanced classes when it came to leaders/followers. Every class has frequent rotations so you will have the opportunity to dance with many partners. On the occasional rotation that you don't have a partner- Continue to try the step by yourself or observe the more advanced students.

What If I Have My Own Partner?

It is the unamimous opinion of every high caliber teacher that rotation in group classes accelerates the learning process of everyone in the class. In all classes there are various skill levels and if you are fortunate enough to be taking a beginning class from a master instructor you will have plenty of advanced dancers in that beginning class. It is a bit like Goldielocks and the Three Bears: one is too hot, one is too cold, one is just right. Your partner is rarely the one that is just right. Start up the rotation across the room from your partner and by the time you rotate to each other you will have an idea what you both need. Invariably couples that stay together get lost together. Absolute Rule-NEVER try to teach your partner HOW, It never ends well. While you may view it as helping them, you are actually distracting them from the person that should be teaching them!

What Level Should I Take?/ How Long Will I Be in Level 1?

1) New Dancers: Definitely Level One. You will be in this level for approximately three cycles. Your first cycle is just figuring out what your feet are doing, next time you are starting to focus on arms and lead/follow skills, the third time you are adding in rhythm and body action. At this point you will be starting to move somewhat naturally. 2) Club Dancers New to Enio & Terryl: Club dancers are usually very rhythmical with nice body action. What is missing are the partnering skills that allow people to dance with them comfortably. Also we have standardized names for the skills, elements and patterns. In level 2 we don’t teach those things, we just say the name and expect you do what we request. Having the terminology makes everything quicker and easier. 3) Students from Other Schools: Every school has a different system for determining the levels of the students and classes. One school's level 4 may be equal to a second school's level 3 or a third school's level 2. A safe bet is to always drop down a level AND to also take the beginners class. Understanding the foundations that the teacher is building upon is crucial to getting the most out of a class. 4) Advanced Students: The class you have been promoted to AND the Level One class. All advanced athletes and artists always spend time working on the basic skills of their trade. A golfer continuously works on his golf swing even after they’ve achieved the Masters Division. True Greats at anything can never be too meticulous in their basics

To Shoes or Not To Shoes, That is the Question

If You were going to learn to play tennis and you didn't have a racket, Would you go to your First lesson with a frying pan?
Yeah, dance Shoes are kind of the same thing