20 Years of Excellence, Ice Dancing & Pairs

Eight couples in 5 Olympics, 2 Professional World Champions

Parents: "Do you know how to skate?" Me: "Uh, not really"

In 1990 I was invited to the US Olympic Training Center for an elite skaters camp. Although I did not even skate, I was there based on a recommendation from a pro world skate champion, I didn’t know the difference between Pairs and Dance. By the end of two days, the top three training teams and camps were vying for my services. That year I worked with the top three teams on the podium.  The top three went to the Olympics. Although our teams that year could not break through the Russian top couples, the ABC commentator stated “our couples technique may not be the equal of the Russians, but boy do they have inventive choreography!”  (As they highlighted a trick I had given our top couples, and soon was being done by the Russians the following season) At the 1995 San Jose- US Nationals US, World & Olympic Champion Dick Button said on the ABC Broadcast: “The two hottest choreographers in skating today are Enio Cordoba and (Twyla Tharp & Drew Carey show choreographer) Keith Young 

Although I was based in Los Angeles, I was being flown into the Colorado Springs/Broadmoor/World Arena camps of Sandra Hess, the University of Delaware camp of Ron Luddington, the Philadelphia camp of Robbie Kaine and the Southern California camps of Darlene Gilbert and John Nicks. Although my first work was developing a ballroom dance frame and creating the true character of the dances for the compulsories, I was soon choreographing the entrances, exits, tricks and Original Dance pieces. In 2012 Torino three couples i had worked with from Azerbajian, Japan and the USA competing in the Olympics.  And to keep from freezing during long mornings on the ice, I learned how to skate (well at least- not fall down or get out of the way) from Russian Singles coach Victor Yelchin to help me understand what could and couldn’t be done on ice. Upon the retirement of Sandy Hess I stopped coaching until I moved to Dallas in 2017. Finally a winning piece that I helped choreography for Russ Witherby and Lia Trovati for the US Pro Skaters comp on ESPN we jokingly dubbed the “Wifebeater Tango” you can see in the header above.

SOME Of the Couples I Worked With

April Sargent & Russ Witherby

2 US Championships & Olympians

You were always an amazing talent, energy and dancer…very fortunate to have this working experience with you!!! Great memories- Russ Witherby

Renee Roca & Gorsha Sur

2 US Championships & World Pro Champions

A change in the rules allowed Rene & Gorsha the ability to skate. A collision with another team on the warmups, kept them from winning their 3rd US Gold. Only a citizenship holdup prevented them from skating the 94 Olympics. “To Enio: Thanks for all your great work” 

Melissa Gregory & Denis Petukhov

This fairy tale partnership started with an ad looking for a partner. A 6AM call asking me to fly in that morning to evaluate the boy coming in from Russia. 2006 Olympics US Silver Medalists. “To Enio: Thanks for giving us your magic!” Melissa “To the best-Thanks!”-Denis

Liz Punsalan & Jerrod Swallow

Five US Championships, 3 Olympics -8 National Podium finishes, World Pro Champions

“To Enio, You’ve been a great inspiration to us! Thanks so much, Elizabeth & Jerrod XO”

Rachel Mayer & Peter Breen

This team leap frogged over the previous US #1 to capture Silver and an invitation to the 1992 Albertville Olympics.

Mark Hanratty & Christina Chitwood

Mark from Scotland returned to the UK after a brief partnership and did very well in competition. Now  he’s a regular pro on Skating with the Stars UK version

Christina retired from competition and taught professionally.