A compilation of a few of our shows From the US Open Swing to The Rome Salsa Congress, The British Dance Congress, a Latvian TV Show, and some of our studio performances.Plus if look closely you’ll see us in the Dance With Me clips.

No this is NOT sped up. We actually danced this routine at the US Swing Open and World Swing. Rocket 88 was 164 beats per minute / the ending just under 195 beats per minute

This Rumba was performed at Studio 22  in 2018 and we put it together in just a few days. The singer is Michael Buble. 

This song meant a lot to me. It tells the story of when I first saw Terryl at a party. The song is Some Enchanted Evening by the iconic Barbra Streisand. It was performed at our Granada Nightclub a little before we sold it.

The routine we are best known for. Mujer was a Rumba we danced at the World Swing Championships and won the Cabaret division. A few months later we reprised it here at the 1994 US Swing Championships

This was the US Open Swing Championships and the Group Cabaret Division. This was A Salsa/ Casino Rueda we put together. The dancers Enio & Terryl, Steve Vasco & Natalie Mavor, Bernard Ceballos & Natalie Masson.  

This was one of our earliest shows. We were asked to perform at the Swing Dance Hall of Fame Awards dinner on the Queen Mary in the beautiful ballroom.

This was a Cha Cha we danced in the Cabaret Division at the World Swing Championships in 1995 

This was in front of 3,000 spectators at the German Teachers Dance Congress in Frankfurt Germany. This was just our introduction before we brought out 600 dancers and danced a Rueda

This was in Dallas at an event for Sergey and Michelle. The number was our takeoff  on a comedy number originally done by our friends Nick Cotton & Maria Hansen

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My second to last competition with Karen Lee. This was the Pro Latin at the Embassy Ball in 1987 in Irvine CaThe following week we won the US Rising Star Latin. This is the famous “sequin shirt, sequin pants,sequin shoes” (Inside joke)

In 2002 Terryl returned to competition and paired with former Junior British Champion, Nigel Clarke. In their first comp after 21 days they made the final in the Pro Standard at Hollywood Dancesport and three weeks later the quarterfinal at Ohio Star Ball

Several years after winning the US Amateur Latin , Enio & Natalie Mavor re united for a couple of performances at the Westmor for their 30th Anniversary. Here dancing a Cha Cha to Hace Tanta Calor

Here a lovely International Waltz by Nigel Clarke & Terryl also at Hollywood Dancesport

A Salsa & Casino routine that we did many times with our group all over the world. In this video are World Showdance vice champions Giacomo Steccaglia & Melissa Dexter, plus some of the staff and students of Let’s Dance L.A.. This was at my Granada club

Sometimes the best performances are totally unplanned. In the middle of a fantastic show by Giacomo Steccaglia & Melissa Dexter, Melissa went to change dresses. She left Giacomo & Enio alone too long. This was totally unplanned.

One of our favorite shows ever! This was our MamboMania 9 evening show. The beginning is hilarious! Also performing- Steve Vasco & Natalie Mavor, Timi Clark, Kristina Stakova, Yuri Pavlov & Curtis Collins. Again totally off the cuff

Terryl is the featured dancer here on the video Haerts- All the Days (Aritzia Vignette)

This video was #1 on MTV.  It still gets lots of airplay. Enio did the choreography and dances with for USC teammate Caron Waldron

This was a commercial for France pantyhose company called DIM. Enio did the choreography which was designed to mirror the actions of the burglar. The actress is is the wonderful actress Toni Allesandrini a former Miss World Burlesque and noted for her performance in Tom Hanks’ Bachelor Party

This performance was part of the Feather Awards Ball. This event was kind of like the Oscars for dancers. I received my third Feather and actor Dennis Cole the emcee asks us to dance. This ends with Dennis and actress Josie Lee jumping in as we segue to everyone dancing as the show goes to commercial. You can see Joe Cassini and my brother Robert join in at the end.

After we performed at the Florida State Championships with our Pro Couples salsa performance, we were invited to compete on the Univision version of Ed Sullivan- Sabado Gigante. We won the quarter final but eventually lost to World Champion Michael Chapman & Ana Llorente. They only do 45 seconds so you have to get as much in as possible. The song was Mi Primera Rumba by La India

This was a show that we did on Latvia TV while we were teaching at the Latvian Salsa Congress. We actually prepared a Salsa but the TV producers asked for a bit of Tango first. So you don’t see the Salsa as they cut after the Tango

This Chevy Impala commercial was for the Latin Grammys on Spanish TV  Univision and Telemundo